Dental emergency in Rome

“Are you experiencing a dental emergency and are reading here? Then you are in need of a dentist in Rome”. This site guarantees Dental Emergency in central Rome, Bracciano and Ostia(including Fiumicino Airport), at every hour, everyday, including holidays. By clicking the botton of the clinic nearest to you, in central Rome and Province, a professional dental doctor will make way to address you in either english or spanish.

Guidance will be provided to all patients, including adults, children and those with special needs. A visit to the dentist might not be necessary: if reassurance and advice is available to the patient. The dentist will provide and deliver a free guidance on managing a range of common emergency conditions for wich self-help might be beneficial to the patient. If instead a visit is required the client will be urgently received and offered the best relief and skilled support.

Why choose Unident Clinique Dental Emergency for Toothache

Our team is made up of professional well renound dental doctors, with over 30 years experience in dental emergency. We are down to earth, friendly, accomodating, and helpful dentists. We will make way to confront you in english language. Your urgent care is our priority, our group of professionals focus on providing improved care for patients, giving clear information on consultation, with full disclosure of total costs before any treatment begins.

We want you to leave healthy and happy with complete and immediate satisfaction, and eventually in view of a future relationship. We accept most dental insurances, but we also offer great payment plans for patiens without insurance. So pick up the phone and contact us, your confort is our outmost priority. We’re here to help you. Smile Again!

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